Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why modern cars are no fun

Confusing navigation systems, limited styles. Face it, modern cars are a fucking bore.

The design of cars is disappointing. Cars don't evolve, they only iterate. Why don't car companies innovate both the driving experience and the sales experience? Commercials tout luxury, practicality, and style but how stylish could it be if most every car looks the god damned same and it replicates but doesn't improve upon your phone's navigation system? Or how cool could it be if the person selling these machines didn't tell you why he really needs this sale.

What car shopping feels like. 

For the sake of simplicity in terms of design, let's just talk about physical appearance. I feel like most cars on the road look the same.

Look at this sexy BMW with a Vintage Makeover on Messy Nessy Chic. Yow. It looks ah-mazing, right?

Well, this is a custom job. Don't expect this kind of style from the car manufacturing industry.

"I'm too sexy for this world" says the custom BMW.

Can you imagine if modern cars actually innovated? 

To tease us, Fiat released a "1957 edition" pictured next to their actual vintage version.

Do you see the resemblance? Me neither.

I want the body on the right and the engine on the left!

Vintage gender thinking: the idea that white people are wealthy & awesome & dudes ALWAYS drive. How about he's opening the driver's seat for her? Or they're both getting into their own cars? Or they're people of color? Or they're gay? or  Trans. #inclusion!
Just look at the modern version! WHERE IS THE CHROME? Yeah, I all-capped it. What is 1957 about the new one?

Emoticon what you thought of the service

Seen in Montreal, Canada. 

Makes me wonder is quantitate feedback really useful without the qualitative? Checking out their Yelp page though made me confident they have the data they need to start making the experience better and this method will only quantify a trend they should already know.