Monday, February 14, 2011

No Joke: A soda ui

I got a slice and soda near Stanford's campus last week and saw this. This soda machine has two interactions:
  • Select a drink using the touchscreen.
  • Push the button labeled "PUSH"

As you can see below, there are actually five variants to the original choice of a Sprite.  To go back, there's a little left arrow button.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nerd love: Science and Tech Valentines

Leave it to Etsy to provide a venue for an artist to something this awesome: Science Valentines.
"Tired of handing out valentines with commercial characters printed on flimsy cardboard? Want some classy, nerdy valentines to give to your friends (and sweethearts) that aren't just for kids?" - Stephoodle

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cabin Fever: A study of US Airways user interface

International flights don't excite me. Oftentimes, I do not sleep, so to make the time pass I watch movie after movie, arriving at my destination bleary-eyed and full of anticipation that upon seeing my red suitcase on the baggage claim will result in a dramatic swelling of music.

What delights me about these flights, though, is checking out their user interface. It's a chance to study how an airline does a multimedia player.

The home screen

The Category page for TV
After you choose a category you can play or view a preview

Checkers love this  page,  since it has estimated time of arrival! They offer another page (which somehow I didn't capture) with a map with your departure and arrival countries and a large plane graphic in the current position.

Overall, could the User experience be better? Oh, yes, but it's pretty darned good.