Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sites to help with your job hunt

With this list, I tried to skip the obvious sites. First some tips:
  • Put these sites & any other sites related to your search in an easy-to-access bookmark folder...firefox is great because there is an option to "Open All in Tabs" when you create a folder & put it on your toolbar.
  • Don't rely exclusively on websites. Don't be shy about inviting people to lunch. And if you can afford it, treat. Brainstorm with friends, get in touch with old coworkers, bosses, and old professors/advisers for council.

An aggregate site (picture kayak for job searching)

Boxes & Arrows
Not many jobs but they are all related to UI

Facebook for job seekers: this is also a great resource to share & otherwise manage your resume.

BayChi JobBank - Bay Area
Requires you to join BayChi, which is modestly priced at about $25 a year

Triangle User Experience - Research Triangle near Raleigh, NC
This blog always features UX jobs on one of my favorite parts of the East Coast.

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