Friday, July 8, 2011

The story of two logos: Fliptop vs Versartis

Here are two logos I found while researching companies on the ever useful CrunchBase:
When I see a logo like FlipTop I think:
  • If this is how much time and effort they put into their brand, I bet they are awesome at what they do too.
  • They are modern, fun and competent.
  • I'd be excited to meet someone from this company, not to mention work with them. They get it.
When I see a logo like Versartis I think:
  • This is most definitely a B2B company that is comfortable with minimal branding effort since their products do the heavy lifting.
  • Design is not a priority here.
  • If I work with them, it runs the risk of rolling a boulder uphill. As a UX designer I could have an impact if the product or the platform is new. I'd need to investigate how the team works so I can tell what kind of change the company is and is not open to. This will drastically effect the success of the project. Excellent UX designers want the customer/user to rule. This is much more difficult when the legacy dictates.
  • STILL, their products must be demo'ed, trialed, or sold. A better user experience is something that will help deepen customer trust.

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