Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whatever you prefer...

I encountered a good example of just-in-time Customer Experience today on the phone with, my web hosting and domain name registration company. First off, I find the phone customer service at excellent. They offer live support at no extra cost and are often both competent and respectful.

I didn't even mind being on hold as much as I usually do because they offered two stand-out features:
  1. Wait time notifications - You are told how long the wait is both at the start of waiting and along the way. Psychologically, this information offers a light at the end of the tunnel allows by letting the user know the wait is not forever.
  2. Music opt out - Immediately, a recording tells you something to the effect of: "if you prefer, you may select "1" to and music will not play." This is great because sometimes I confuse high tension points in songs to someone arriving on the line. Without the music, the only things interrupting silence are a recorded message (#1) or the phone ringing to get to a live support operator. Nice.
PS: Their website is still one of the biggest ux fails of all time :)

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