Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life hacks

When people say "I don't have time" to justify cutting out pleasurable activities, I feel an unpleasant shiver down my spine. If you are alive and fairly healthy, you are choosing how to spend your time. What you do and don't do, is in your hands.

I admire those who love what they do. I think some of them even manage to avoid doing things they detest. For some, it is taxes. For others, it is waiting in line. When you do more thinks you hate you tend to complain more. And you know where this is going...

When you are happier you are more fun to be around. When you are more fun to be around you have more friends. etc, etc.

OK duh. And this applies because....? Enter life hacks.

If you find yourself bored, stressed, or generally over dramatic, you need to be able to take the time to relax or distract yourself.

Some can do so with a book, an iPod, a pen and paper, talking with a stranger.

If your problem is longer term, can you be creative? can you hire a friend? can you barter? can you think of a way to make your life more of what you want and less of what you don't? If not can you at least cut some of the things that suck.

An acquaintance of mine and fellow UI designer, Chanpory Rith , has been regularly updating a cool site, LifeClever: tips for design and life. The site promotes "lifehacks". Here are some from LiveClever and another sites I liked:

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