Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the love of Juno, remember my click!

I've been listening to Andy Rooney on 60 minutes and I admire that man. He's been in journalism so long that he's got the kind of perspective one has to respect. So it's with my hat off that I imitate his inflection in this post:

Why is it every I go to a website I have to pick "show 200 per page" or "Show all"?

It seems like even if I've been to that site 1,000 times I have to do that click 1,000 times.

I have what's called DSL in fact, my husband and I have been discussing going the next step up and getting cable so that we can both watch videos at the same time without intolerable lagging. Even with our midgrade DSL, these list pages, with all of their photos and information load fast. But that doesn't matter since I still have to click the option to see more per page. Then I have to scroll past he ones I've already seen the fist time.

Why don't these sites remember that my computer connection can handle more than 25 rows? Why do they make me click every single time I visit their site?

I guess I'm at the mercy of these sites. I'm not going to stop visiting them because of this annoyance. But I just hope just one site changes their ways to save me a click. I'd appreciate it.

Update: Ha! I'm not alone...in 2007 someone wrote a similar rant about paginated articles & even referenced Andy Rooney.

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