Thursday, December 30, 2010

Repper pro, my new addiction

Check out two adorable patterns I made using Repper Pro:
The above pattern is constructed from a photo of a building and blue sky in Chicago. Sadly I don't know this gorgeous building's name.  Below, find the original photo:

This cute-as-a-button quilt-like pattern is also from a photo. Can you guess the material you see?

Using Repper Pro is a way to pay tribute to patterns. In fact the folder in which I put all my Repper Pro cuteness is called "Pattern Love". Go to their site to play with their free online version now.


Wouter Walmink said...

Hey Rachel, thanks for writing about our Repper and glad to hear you enjoy it so much. The brightly colored (felt?) pattern is very nice indeed.

Kind regards, the pattern-maker-makers

Wouter Walmink said...

p.s. what an interesting blog you've got there: bookmarked!

Rachel Mulcrone said...

Thanks for bookmarking my blog, Wouter!

Repper makes me wish I had a laser engraver too (not just so I'd never have to eat a boring banana again) but maybe because I could make my boring Ikea bookshelf look way awesome.