Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Mesh & Linchpin

Collaborating is taking on new meanings as we get cozy with the digital age and The Mesh by Lisa Gansky is particularly relevant given the democratization of content distribution.

The Gregory Brothers come to mind, best known for lifting clips of the news (usually political), auto-tuning them until they acquire the perfect nice hook, add instrumentation, and their own vocals. They achieved fame on YouTube and now their stardom is undeniable underscored by their recent collaboration with Weezer. Lisa Gansky's observations are truly provocative as "The Mesh" seems only to be on the brink.

Linchpin is particularly relevant given the huge growth of freelancers.  According to this article one third of US workers are contractors. It's an interesting question: "Are you the critical person?" either that someone needs to hire or within the context you're living in? More philosophy, maybe even self-help for some, this certainly reminds me of many situations in which I've been the linchpin or the third wheel.

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