Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Real conversation, the touchpoint to end all touchpoints.

Do you ever talk to someone and immediately feel inspired to check out the books or web pages they championed? More than once, I've written said websites into my journal only later to think "what the hell is this?" If I do visit the site, my context is often completely gone and it doesn't resonate. 

I don't have time to check out every single book, web page, or idea people suggest. I would if I could. I love reading. When you're laser focused, it's not productive to add to your already tall stack of things to read unless you feel it's awesome.

A friend told a group of us about InboxZero. In less than five minutes, she described the method of reducing email stimuli and it's value. Simply having a conversation was enough for me to modify my behavior and experience the value of less information clutter.

I have not really checked out the web site, I probably won't buy the upcoming book, and I won't even hit "like" on InboxZero's facebook page, if there is one. Though my feelings won't be expressed through a purchase or digital interaction crafted by the author, Merlin Mann, I'm an ambient fan because of my friend's willingness to share the idea rather than circumvent the story by pointing me to the book.

Next time you find yourself rattling off site after site, book after book, consider simply sharing the high-level takeaway of one. 

You'll dig not being distracted : ) Oh, and "Inbox Zero guy" is also "43 Folders guy"

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