Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I was wrong**

A while back I posted about how I am drawn to easy. Later I then discussed how this Droid Commercial as a representation of us humans being more machine like was so undesirable. My Droid post was totally dead wrong.

I gave a talk at Mills College and asked students "which seems like better life?" showing them the slide below. I colored the question with some further discription: Would you rather have things taken care of for you at the press of a button or would you rather have some droid like features of your own?
I have no idea if the students learned anything from this slide, but I can say with certainty this was a humbling reminder that I am not everyone, I am not the users, and rudimentary research done early and often keeps me in check.

** During my presentation I did not admit to my off-base assumption. I just said "hm" and moved on to the next slide.

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