Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peddling surveys

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One of the persistant scientific concerns about surveys is that the statistical inferences are hard to believe unless you have a good sample. In the world of online reviews it's easier than ever for a customer to provide feedback to a company. And not just to the company. With sites like Yelp, your slam or praise can curb or encourage new customers.  

Some companies ask their customers to provide feedback. For example, after a visit to my doctor, Kaiser sent me a survey. The envelope was marked "Immediate response requested!". If you're like me, your heart dropped as you realized you might have some terrible illness. Then you opened the envelope and realized...oh a survey. When I didn't respond, I got the same survey again in the mail two weeks later.

Kaiser's survey was titled "Good enough is not good enough."

Sometimes I wonder, "isn't it?"

Later that month, I visited an AT and T store so that my sim card could be updated on my iPhone 4, and the fellow at the store did it. As I was exiting, he smiled broadly and told me I'd soon get a survey and asked me to sing his praises. Did he do an amazing job? Mmmmm, he did his job.

I'm guilty of writing reviews when I'm amazed at awesomeness or awfulness, but is that bad?

Similar to the approach of UnMarketing author, Scotty Stratten, I wonder if asking for feedback with too much desperation or too persistently starts to smell bad. Kind of like marketing.

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